Paging+speakerphone page group

Paging + Speakerphone Page Group

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The paging group allows members of the group to automatically answer incoming calls at the same time.but to achieve this function, it must be combined with the Speakerphone Page Group function.

How To Configure 

Log in Bicom Management Console->Extension->Paging Group

Add Paging Group

Fill in some information related to paging and click save to Save these configurations;


How To Use

When you complete the configuration:

1.One phone configured with an Extension of 1001 is configured with Speakerphone Page Group service.

2.When 1011 wants to dial a paging group, it can dial *600+the name of the paging group and members in the paging group will automatically answer the call.


Note:The premise that you want the phone to answer automatically is that the phone choose “Allow Auto Answer By Call-Info” as on(login phone’s web->profile->Advanced) ;