Firmware upgrade strategy on 3CX Platform and how to upgrade manually

3CX Firmware Upgrade Strategy Introduce


The firmware upgrade strategy on the 3CX Platform is as follows:

  1. Every 2 hours 3CX downloads the applicable latest firmware for IP phones mapped to extensions.

  2. IP phones not running the latest firmware are highlighted in red in the “Phones” function.

  3. To upgrade the firmware, select one or more phones and click the “+Firmware” button.

  4. Confirm the phone’s firmware from the upgrade list and click “Upgrade”.

  5. The firmware is uploaded to the phone, possibly rebooting the phone several times.


The latest firmware of the phone will be downloaded when you click “Upgrade” on the Phones page, or you click “Download” on the Updates page.

And the server will download the firmware to a temp path which is used to save New Firmware (named firmware_new), and then move it to the final path (named firmware ) to upgrade the phone when you click “Upgrade”.

Key Path

If you are using a local server, please refer to the following steps to replace firmware (fw9xx.rom) under the path.

We use a Windows machine as example). And the two folders firmware and firmware_new are normally in a path like this


Note: the last string ra9l8e1imt is variable.

There is a sub-folder named “htek” in folder “firmware”,.

The firmware that the phone gets through the Firmware Server Path ( Phone Webpage → Management → Auto Provision) is stored here.

There may be already some firmware that exists, please ignore them and just replace the firmware that we want to use with it/them.


Why we need to upgrade manually

If you upgrade the phone from an old firmware, the automatically upgrade mechanism may fail because of there need a third firmware to convert some big difference but you may missed it.

And we could manually control the upgrading process to correct it.

How to upgrade firmware on 3CX manually


  1. Confirm the Firmware Server Path parameter of the phone is the URL of 3CX.
    It should be like this

  2. Delete the roms in firmware_new

  3. Download the firmware from 3CX or Htek, and also download the convert firmware if it is needed.

  4. If the phone need to upgrade to the convert firmware first, put the conversion firmware to firmware alone.

  5. Reboot the phone to upgrade to the convert firmware.

  6. Put the final firmware to the firmware after you confirm the phone has been upgrade to the convert firmware.

  7. Reboot the phone again to upgrade to the final firmware.

Recently big difference firmware

Latest firmware of 3CX is

Recently big difference is from version < to version >

You could download the convert version from the below link:


If you have any further issue, please contact Htek Support Team (, thanks.