Do Not Disturb Feature On FusionPBX Platform

Do Not Disturb

Over View

You can use DND to reject incoming calls automatically on the phone. The message "n New Missed Call(s)" ("n" indicates the number of missed calls) will appear on the LCD screen, and callers will receive a busy message.

How to config

Check the DND setting in fusionpbx phone system side
Log in fusionpbx Management Console > Apps -> Follow me>Extension

To activate DND in phone mode:
Press the DND soft key when the phone is idle. The icon on the status bar indicates that DND is enabled. Incoming calls will be rejected automatically and "n New Missed Call(s)" will prompt on the LCD screen.

How to use

You can dial *77 directly, or configure a programmable key on your phone, then press the key to enable/disable the function.

On the left side of the screen is the function key configured in the IP Phone Template, and the bottom of the screen is the soft key of the phone itself, they can all realize the function of DND.