Call Park Feature On FusionPBX Platform

Call Park

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You can use call park feature to park a call, and then retrieve the parked call from another phone. Htek IP phone supports park call Feature. For park call feature, the server will automatically hunt for the first available orbit in the call park orbits and parks the call there. The call park orbits should be predefined. You can park an active call by pressing the park call key(if configured) on the phone. And you also can retrieve the parked call by pressing a (retrieve) parked call key or dialing the retrieve access code.

How to Config

To provision Htek phone a park call key via the FusionPBX Management
1.FusionPBX Management Console >Account>Devices

2. Dial codes
Code of Park a call: when you dial the code during a call, you will park the call to the call park orbits.

How To Use

1. Suppose Phone A and B were provisioned a Call park key with the same Call park code.
2. Phone A make a call with phone C.A press Call park key. The call will be parked and you will heard call park tone from A. And the Call park key of phone A and B will turn red.(not turn red)
3. B press the call park key, the parked call will be picked up. Now B have a call with C. And the Call park key of phone A and B will turn green.