Netsapiens FAQ

Q1: Why is there no Htek Phone On netsapiens Platform?

There was a bug in the early versions of the installer. If you update your NDP/endpoints to latest version and/or uninstall then re-install Htek Phone should be there.

Q2: Why Share Line Appearance(SLA) doesn’t work?

Please check the setting:

  1. Login webpage, and click Account-> Basic: Shared Line=SCA
  2. Click Function Keys->Line key:There must be a line key to bind the target account here.
  3. In Endpoints Admin UI:

    (1)Go to Configuration > Device Definitions

    (2)Edit the Device Definition of an HTEK phone

    (3)Set "SLA Support" to Yes

Q3: Why doesn’t reboot when phone receive check-sync message?

Please check the Setting:

Login webpage, and click Setting→Preference→Check-sync reboot=Enable

Q4: How Can I Change the Ringtone for Internal/On-Net Calls?