Call Park Feature On NetSapiens Platform

Call Park

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On your phone system, hold is a local function. This means a call held on your phone cannot be picked up at another station. Park is a system-wide function. This means a call parked at one phone may be picked up by any phone.

How to Config

1.Click “Call Queue” button→Click the “Add call queue” button→Enter the name ,extension and select the “call park” type:


2.Click the “Add”button


How To Use

Static Call parking

1, Suppose Phone A and B were provisioned a Call park key with the same park extension.

2, Phone A make a call with phone C.A press Call park key. The call will be parked. And the Call park key of phone A and B will turn red.

3, B press the call park key, the parked call will be picked up. Now B have a call with C. And the Call park key of phone A and B will turn green.

Dynamic Call Parking

1.Suppose Phone A was provisioned a line key as DTMF: ***

2.Suppose Phone B was provisioned a line key as Call park:701(This call park key will turn green)

3.Press DTMF key which have configured on Phone A during talking. The system says, “The call is parked at 7xx.”

4.Phone B’s call park key will turn red.

5.Phone B press the Call park key to retrieve the parked call.