Intercom Feature On NetSapiens Platform


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Htek IP Phones provide an intercom feature that allows you to instantly connect to other phones within your office. Intercom functionality is ideal for announcing visitors or asking a quick question.

When one phone intercoms another extension, it does not ring the other phone. Instead, the other phone will beep, and then its microphone and speaker turn on.

How To Use

1.Dial 08ext. For example, to intercom extension 1007, dial 081007.(You can set a line key as Prefix,value is 08, label is Intercom)

If the 1007 have enable the Allow Auto Answer By Call-Info, Then 1007 will auto answer.



(Allow Auto Answer By Call-Info option : default is Yes)

You can set the option by phone's interface (Login web interface: admin/admin,Profile->Advanced:Allow Auto Answer By Call-Info)