Hot Desking feature on netsapiens platform

Hot Desking

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Hotdesking is a feature which allows for multiple office workers on different shifts to use a single physical workstation or surface as opposed to each staff member having their own personal desk.

Adding Hotdesking Users

  1. In the Manager Portal, navigate to the domain in which you are configuring the hotdesking feature.
  2. Click on UsersAdd User and create a user that will be using the hotdesking feature.
  3. Assign the user to a User's Scope of Call Center Agent.
  4. Make sure that the button next toAdd Phone Extension is not checked.

        5.Click Add User to complete.

How to Configure a Hot Desk button

  1. Firstly, you must add target phone for the hot desking user
  2. Secondly, Login to the Manager Portal,Click “Inventory”→“Phone Hardware→Find the target phone and go to SNAPBuilder.
  3. Configuring a button as a hot desk:


       4.Click the "Save and Resync".Phone will get a new configuration file which contain hot desk button.


How to Use Hot desk function

  1. For example: Press the Hot desk key on this 3000's phone.
  2. Server will let you enter the your call number and password, for example:2000.
  3. Enter the correct call number and password, Server will always forward  to the 3000 when other people call 2000.